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Why I will NOT vote for Harper:Part 7 (Environmental Record)

Harper's Environmental Record

Seventh in a series of mini-blogs on Canada's federal election to be held 19 Oct. 2015. 
DaBa, pen name of a Guest Blogger, wrote the blogs. 
My comments follow the  blog
In 2002, when Harper was leader of the Canadian Alliance, he sent a letter to supporters saying
We're gearing up for the biggest struggle our party has faced since you entrusted me with the leadership. I'm talking about the 'Battle of Kyoto' our campaign to block the job-killing, economy-destroying Kyoto Accord
Soon after he won his majority in 2011, Harper pulled Canada out of Kyoto, the first signatory to do so.

Given the subsequent environmental performance of the Harper government,  Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe - which produce an annual report card on climate change performance - rated Canada 58th out of 61 countries in regards to its efforts to combat global warming, above only Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Australia. 

In 2013, these organizations said Canada 'shows no intention of moving forward with climate policy and therefore remains the worst performer of all industrialized countries.' 
In 2012, the government launched an unprecedented assault on Canada's environmental laws when it introduced Bill C-38, an omnibus bill that put a halt to automatic environmental assessments of projects under the federal government's purview. 

All told, the Fisheries Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act were either repealed or simply gutted, while the NEB was neutered, a reality felt to this day:

Navigating through the statistics of which countries perform best on climate control is difficult and, in a way, irrelevant, even given that's it's damn embarrassing to be ranked so low by global organizations. We're a proud nation and hate to be viewed negatively on the world stage.  

But that's what Harper's regime has led us to on the environment, where we're widely mocked internationally. 

Perhaps a more valid benchmark is how well Canada accomplishes what we say we will
  • 2009: Canada signed  Copenhagen Accord, committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 by 17% from 2005 levels.
  • Baring drastic action, Environment Canada projects that 2020 levels will only be slightly less than they were in 2005
  • Huh? Talk about under-performing
  • And it's because Harper isn't serious about climate change.
In comparison
  • USA reduced greenhouse gases by ~10% between 2005 and 2012.
  • EU  says it's on track to meet  2020 target of reducing greenhouse gas levels by 20% from 1990 levels.
Harper routinely lies about everything, including claiming his government has a great record on greenhouse gases. Fact is, according to international watchdogs, even the United Nations, we have worst record of industrialized nations

With Harper on the environment and any issue, it's all about 
  • Controlling the message to protect his government by lying & obfuscating facts.
Canada can do much better by balancing economic benefits of oil sector with protecting the environment and developing sustainable energy resources. We have everything needed to be leader of sustainable energy on world stage except political will, thanks to Harper.

Harper's environmental record is a massive FAIL and he does not deserve our vote

As always, comments are most welcome. 

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