Monday, August 10, 2015

Why I will NOT vote for Harper:Part 5 (Abuse of Omnibus Bills)

Harper's Abuse of Omnibus Bills 

Fifth in a series of mini-blogs on Canada's federal election to be held 19 Oct. 2015. 
DaBa, pen name of a Guest Blogger, wrote the blogs. 
My comments follow the  blog
When Harper was a Reform MP, he argued that a Liberal 20-page omnibus bill should be broken up so that its measures could get closer scrutiny. 

However, when Harper came to power, in 2010, he tabled an omnibus bill with 883 pages addressing a multitude of issues, served with the threat of an election if the opposition failed to support its passage. 

Since then, Harper has passed 10 more omnibus bills, each between 300 to 450 pages. Each has been an abuse of process and each has shown contempt for Parliament by subverting its role.  

Major changes to policy and law that should have been examined by MPs have been pushed through with almost no debate, sometimes with disastrous results:
In 2012, one of the omnibus bills, C-38,
  • Completely gutted Canada’s environmental laws;
  • Cut $36-billion from health care funding;
  • Weakened Canada’s food inspectors through job cuts;
  • Made it harder to qualify for EI benefits

PM Harper consistently shows himself to be a hypocrite, preaching one policy when in opposition, and behaving exactly the opposite once in power. 

His 180o turn on omnibus bills is especially odious. Once again Harper 
  • Manipulates laws for political purposes;
    • Hides them from MP scrutiny; 
    • Hides them from Canadians;
  • Mocks parliament with his utter contempt;
  • Degrades Canada's democracy.
An omnibus bill is a single document accepted in a single vote that groups together multiple diverse measures. Because of its large size and scope, an omnibus bill limits opportunities for debate and scrutiny. As such, omnibus bills allow governments to
  •  Subvert and evade the normal principles of parliamentary review of legislation.
And they've become a Conservative government brand. The PM's 'flipping us the bird', folks. Harper does not deserve our vote. 
As always, comments are most welcome. 

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