Friday, August 21, 2015

Why Harper does not deserve our vote (Links to 9 blogs)

This blog's purpose is to provide links to the 9 prior blogs on why Canada's PM Stephen Harper does not deserve our vote and a 4th term.

  1. Control of the media
  2. Censuring of scientists
  3. Abuse of Question Period
  4. Obstruction of Access to Information requests
  5. Abuse of omnibus bills
  6. Abuse of prorogation
  7. Environmental record
  8. Economic record
  9. Summary of why Harper does not deserve our vote
As a Canadian, I see Harper as betraying everything Canada stands for. He's anti-democratic, anti-scientific, and an embarrassment. 

CBC's Checkup Panel, with 4 insightful, smart physicians, on 'What health issues should be on the federal election agenda' provides evidence of why Harper is NOT good for Canada.

Only we voters can get rid of him.
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