Thursday, September 26, 2013

Advice from a fan for Chelsea FC's offense

If you're looking for 'Chelsea's José Mourinho, a man of many faces, all of them true' it's the next post down. 

This blog is a quickie based on observations over a few seasons as a Chelsea FC fan. I'm not a football expert but still have a brain.

A few changes I'd like to see for Chelsea's offense:

1. Eden Hazard pass more and quickly, instead of dribbling in circles, becoming a magnet for opponents, who then neutralize any passes he might have made.

2. Every Chelsea midfielder pass forward to strikers who have made runs instead of ignoring them for Barca-style tiki-taka that slows game and gives opponents time to set up a defense.

3. Every Chelsea midfielder pass forward more to strikers instead of going for glory by shooting from impossible positions. Juan Mata to his credit does it more than others.

4. Oscar, Rami and David Luiz pass instead of going for glory by trying ambitious long shots that invariably soar over the net. 

5. Attacking midfielders spread out more and run into open space, instead of being Barca wannabees, congesting in midfield, playing short passes that keep possession with zero results.

6. Fernando Torres have fun on the pitch, take chances like he did as a kid, and not care if he makes errors that media and boo-bird fans will ridicule.

7. Strikers continue to make runs because sooner or later the midfielders will pass forward because manager Jose Mourinho, genius that he is, will tell them that passing to surging strikers is what they must do.

8. Strikers show more movement to draw defenders, leave others with more space.

9. Strikers play more in the box where goal opportunities abound.

10. Attacking midfielders improve ability to cross the ball to those in the box since it's a key skill that leads to goals.

If even a few of these changes happened, Chelsea FC would surely top Premier League in 2013-14.