Sunday, June 09, 2013

Top 5 reasons why I un-follow Chelsea fans:

5. You're a negative boo-bird. Most of your tweets diss Chelsea manager Rafa or Torres.

4. Your timeline is a monologue, not a conversation. You never respond to replies from ordinary folks, only to noted players, the famous, celebrities. You're similar to obsequious social climbers. You are a social climber.

Or you're like @piersmorgan, who now retweets mainly fans who fawn all over him.

3. Your extreme animosity to Chelsea's Yossi Benayoun doesn't make sense unless anti-semiticism is factored in. And often your name is Ahmed, Mohammed or similar and you tweet pure hatred. 

For non-Muslims, you protest it's not prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity. But why so hard on Yossi? Doesn't make sense.

2. Your tweets are routinely obscene, full of the F-bomb and crude references to female genitalia, e.g., c*nt. So juvenile. So lazy. So boring.

1. When first followed, I thought you were real #CFC fans, meaning you supported all Chelsea players and the 'manager du jour'. Then I discovered you were plastic fans, trapped in the past, who hated Rafa, Torres, and Yossi, interestingly, all associated with Liverpool.

Means you could do the same to any manager and players. You are not a loyal club supporter. You're only interested in glory.