Monday, October 03, 2005

Physicians who respect co-workers

Dr. Donald Buchanan (1914-1988), Medical Director of the Edmonton Blood Transfusion Service from 1949 - 1979, who did pioneering work in immunohematology (on the -D- and Fy3 phenotypes, as well as Diego and Lutheran blood groups) has been honoured as one of Alberta's

Dr. Buchanan was a remarkable man, and one of his most remarkable traits was that he treated medical laboratory technologists with respect and honored their expertise. For many reasons he was an inspiration to those who had the privilege to work with him and is most deserving of being a Physician of the Century.

Isn't it sad that treating other healthcare professionals with respect is a mark of distinction? What does it say about many (not all) physicians? Are things different in the 21st C? Just wondering....

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